Stroud’s 1st WIKITHON



The Wikithon will include tutorials for the beginner Wikipedian, ongoing editing support, reference materials, and refreshments. People of all backgrounds and technical abilities are very warmly welcomed to take part. A gong will sound each time some information is added and a mini training session takes place hourly so you can drop in and pick up the tasks throughout the day.

WHERE: Atelier Textile & Craft Club, Lower Street, Stroud GL5 2HT

WHEN: 10am – 4pm Wednesday 8 March – International Women’s Day

WHO: Hosted by The Women’s Art Activation System, a recently formed Stroud-based collective

WHAT: THe Wikithon is a day for the community to get involved with updating Wikipedia on women’s contributions to the arts in Gloucestershire

HOW: Drop in for a short while or stay all day – bring suggestions and reference material, learn to edit Wikipedia, help others to learn, discover women artists you didn’t know about….its free!

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