Wednesday Textile Muse…

Wednesday Feb 23rd, 19
Theme: Sewing Blogs

Meet Victoria Temple and learn about the international world of sewing blogs. Check out Victoria’s blog.

Patricia Brien is hosting the informal study group on the last Wednesday in the month.

Are you needing some inspiration with your latest textile or sewing project?
Think that your knowledge of art & design could be expanded upon, updated or tweaked?

Wednesday evenings at Atelier might do the trick. Inspired by Joseph Beuys we will look into the world of material.

Each week we will cover a chosen topic or concept a la book club style and participants can bring articles, books, images to share and discuss.

Have a cuppa, start work on your latest project and talk. It’s not a lecture series!

Previous sessions:

Wednesday Jan 30th, 19 Theme: Bristol Cloth Project!

Wednesday September 26th, 7:30pm Theme: Protest and subversion through our clothes – statements on garments!

April Theme: Vivienne Westwood. A new film is out and she is alway worth an evening of attention.

Wednesday April 25th, 7:30pm Theme: Vivienne Westwood

Wednesday May 30th, 7:30pm Theme: Bonnets

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