Stroud Film Festival 2020

I have been looking forward to this event since December, when I planned it with Emma Hague (founder of South West Fibershed project).
However, we have decided to postpone this event due to the current health situation we find ourselves in. It feels like an event that can wait until our community is in a less vulnerable situation and we have the right headspace to discuss the inspiring and progressive ideas behind the fibershed project and watch the incredible beautiful film, Opening the Earth.
New date for Opening the Earth and Launch of the South West fibershed project;
We have decided to postpone it until Friday June 12th at 7pm

Opening the Earth: The Potato King tells the story of Julio Hancco, an ageing guardian of biodiversity living in the high Andes of Peru. His humble life is in contrast with the global significance of his work and how the modern world may one day depend on him in crisis. But this film is about more than just potatoes – it’s also about culture, diversity and loss of rural skills and knowledge.
After the screening we will draw parallels between the film and the emerging Fibreshed movement in the UK. Emma Hague, founder of South West England Fibreshed and co-founder of Fibreshed UK, began her journey with bioregional textiles 10 years ago in the Peruvian Andes. Grounded in soil-to-soil cycles, community and sense of place, Fibreshed is more than sustainable fashion – it’s also about celebrating our tangible culture and natural resources to rebuild our textile resilience and sovereignty.
We would like to postpone the event until our community is in a less vulnerable situation due to the current Covid-19 health and we have the right headspace to discuss the bigger understanding of gut health.
But already now we can recommend you looking after your gut health.  Invivo have let us share these free webinars for those of us who would like to do some self study in the next couple of weeks/months. Invivo Education
New date for The Human Microbiome event will be released when we know more about how this situation develops.
This short documentary film takes viewers on a journey through the vast universe of microscopic life that comprises over 99% of the DNA, and between 50-90% of the cells in our bodies. Science is only just waking up to the deep and fundamental connections that we humans have to our microbial ‘parts’, whether that be to their role in our development as infants, in noncommunicable diseases from Alzheimer’s to cancer, or in maintenance of health. Debbie Cotton, a Naturopath and Lucy Rothwell, MSc from Invivo will follow this short, creative film – with a panel discussion to continue the conversation. Ticket sales will be matched by Invivo and donated to Thrive, a charity that uses gardening to bring about positive changes to the lives of people living with disabilities ill health, or who are isolated. And of course, helping them to reconnect with their environmental microbiota.
invivo Healthcare, a Stroud-based B Corp company will be screening The Human Microbiome, episode one of ‘The Edge of Wonder’ series by Osmosis Films.
We have decided to postpone this event and Linn and Kate have penciled in October 11th to come to Stroud and meet us over soup and bread 🙂

Soup Versammlung – Soup & Bread in conversation with producers of ‘Bait’, Kate Byers and Linn Waite. Come and meet two Bristol based producers and learn about their work with award winning feature fi lm Bait which was shot entirely in Cornwall in Autumn 2017. ‘Bait’ is being screened at Lansdown Hall 7.30pm that same evening (Sun 22nd March)
Kate and Linn, BAFTA winning producers, are the founders of Early Day Films.
Hosted by Stroud Women’s Filmmakers Collective
Stroud Women Filmmakers collective presents award winning feature film Blackbird, screenplay written by Nailsworth-based filmmaker Robyn Pete.
Blackbird is a Scottish drama that explores the clash between the preservation of traditions and cultural heritage in the fast-moving contemporary world of the 21st century.
The film centres around young Ruadhan, a strange, solitary but sensitive soul, who when not on his daily ramblings collecting peculiar oddities for his battered houseboat, which sits marooned on a hilltop, he spends his time with the older generation of the community, captivated by the old ways and in particular their Scottish folk songs.
After the film we will have a Q & A with Blackbird’s producer James Barrett, screenplay writer and first assistant director Robyn Pete and John Craine Director of photography.
The film won an award at the Catskill Mountains Film Festival (CMFF) the year it was released.

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