Shared Shed Space – A Stitch in Time

During ‘select trail’ and ‘open studio’ weekends we are opening our shed for two art projects.

Shared Shed Space

with Uta Baldauf and Bill Jones

Come and answer our questions about “sharing” and “space” in our shed, the Shared Shed Space (attached to Atelier and sharing a wall). What do you like to share? Do you over-share? Would you like to go into space? Come and have your answers recorded for a special Atelier Shared Shed Space podcast! A light-hearted look at sharing and spaces. You won’t shed any tears.

Listen to all three sessions here:

A Stitch in Time

with Patricia Brien

A stitch in time is a live installation curated by Patricia Brien exploring real and fabricated connections to clothes. It is part of a larger conversation around fashion, textiles and sustainable futures.

As part of this live project participants are asked to bring a piece of clothing that has personal significance – or no meaning as yet – and stitch real or imagined signs of patina or marks to highlight, commemorate, mend or anticipate moments that will feature as the article is worn in the future.

The stitches need not be seen, tucked away inside like a secret or it may be loudly embroidered for the world to see. The audiovisual stories will be live streaming from Atelier Stroud with fellow creators joining the storytelling & stitching at different times and places including Amsterdam on the 5th May.
Guests include Truus Dokter (Amsterdam) – Trend Forecaster Peclers, Benelux

Watch some conversations here, more on FB.
Patricia is talking to Yoko and Tim Parry-Williams:

Patrica is talking with Valarie van Leersum, NL.

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