Radio School – Radio & Podcast skills workshop


Develop your skills while you devise, record and edit sound.

Tutors, Fergus Ryan and Alice Armstrong (Soundart Radio)

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Radio School – Radio & Podcast skills workshop

Tutors, Fergus Ryan and Alice Armstrong (Soundart Radio)

Saturday the 22nd July, from 9:30am-4:30pm

The morning will consist of an outdoors recording/sound gathering walk around The Heavens, please wear outdoors gear according to the weather.

In the afternoon we’ll be editing our material in Audacity, building on skills and the best tips and tricks.

Along the way we’ll be looking at –

– ‘Best fit’ equipment for job, budget or art
– Using a Zoom or HD recorder
– Microphones, mic placement and protection
– Time / production management for recording and editing
– Evolution of your project, platforms, identity and voice

New participants start at 09:30 for a short induction before the main
workshop. Start time is 10:30 so if you can be prompt that really
helps. Once again, we’ve a lot to fit in!

This workshop gives you an opportunity to make, as well as to listen. Develop your skills while you devise, record and edit sound. Explore ways of telling stories, sound and editing techniques. No previous experience needed.

Bring your laptop and smart phone (if you have one). If you don’t have any equipment (smart phone) let us know and we can probably help out.

This workshop is aimed at both beginners or a follow up to our previous workshop in April. Beginner s will start a bit earlier to make sure that they understand the equipment and software needed for the workshop.

Minimum age 14+



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