Experimental Nunofelting


Nunofelt your fabric with threads from your past

Workshop with Noemi Gregoire-Kaye

Saturday the 26th May from 10am-4pm

Part of SIT select festival 2018

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Nunofelt your fabric with threads from your past

Nunofelting workshop with Noemi Gregoire-Kaye

Saturday the 26th May from 10am-4pm – Part of SIT select festival 2018

The focus of the workshop is to create a piece of fabric using diferent materials to create a personal design. During the workshop you will work with different fibres, fabrics and thread. You will experiment with the felting qualities of these different fibres and fabrics. They (fibres/fabris/wool) all have their advantages and limitations. The creative process will be concentrated around those qualities. Materials are all provided but we encourage you to bring something that you can incorporate into the nunofelted fabric. It could be threads, strips of fabric, wool or other textile pieces that may poses a personal value to you. This will make the fabric you are creating your personal statement of you past.

We will serve a light vegetarian lunch. There will also be tea, coffee and biscuits available during the workshop.

Noemi Gregoire-Kaye

Noemi is best known for her label, Nimpy Clothing. Nimpy Clothing is a small and unique clothing range both designed and made by Noemi herself.
Since 2006 Noemi has been developing different techniques and styles of making clothes for women, and later on for children too. The majority of clothes she makes are made using unwanted knitted wool such as fine lambswool and cashmere, upcycled in to new bespoke styles. Her ambition is on a local scale to reduce the amount of clothes thrown into landfills each year. If old clothes are past mending there’s often ways of upcycling it into something totally different.
She has always loved colours and textures and when she first came across nuno felting she fell in love with it.The long process and the sometimes unpredictable results of wet felting and combining fabrics in with the merino fleece is very pleasing.
In the summer months Noemi makes several nuno felt garments, mostly dresses with felt bodice and layers of flowing Cotton for the skirt often commissioned for weddings or other special occasions. Noemi is also selling her pieces and teaching nuno workshops at many different venues all over the country.
Her source of inspiration lies in the local landscapes, colours, textures and forms from the natural world  – and working with natural materials is part of her approach

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