Launch and Improve your Etsy shop

Are you looking to expand your market? – Launch your Etsy shop.
The aim for this workshop is for you to end up with a ‘live’ shop

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Come and setup an Etsy shop (- or improve the one you started a while ago and didn’t update yet…)

This two-stage Etsy training will take you on a guided process of how to setup on Etsy. During the sessions you will be using your own products and images. You will launch your own shop and have ideas and knowledge for managing it.

The aim will be for you to launch a ‘live’ shop by the end of the course.

After having run this workshop several times we have decide this new two-step format for launching your Etsy shop.

In the first session you will learn how to set your Etsy shop up. You will get an understanding of the overall architecture of Etsy. You will begin to add content to Etsy and make decisions about your shipping costs, terms, and images. You can then take some of this home and have time to make decisions and prepare photos, text, logo, and anything else that has come up during the introduction. In the follow-up session a week later we will help you implement your ideas and have a shop ready for you to go live with.

We believe this setup will make more people successful with their Etsy shop and make it easier to do all the work in order to have a functioning and good looking shop that you are happy to launch with.

Alumni of previous Etsy courses please contact us if you would like to join all or part of this new two-stage Etsy training.

Bring your laptop. We will provide you in advance with some preparatory tasks, to make sure that you get the most out of the time you spend at the workshop.

Requirements: You need to have a reasonable knowledge of how to use your laptop. And navigate the internet.

Workshop will include refreshments 🙂


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