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Artist Talk, Hidden Histories


Talk – stories, memories told with thread…genetics…book….crime


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Talk by Ruth Singer

on Saturday 24th February at 2:30pm

Visit exhibition in Bath at 44AD art space exhibition runs: 26th Jan – 24th Feb 2018

Hidden Histories

Artist Ruth Singer is an explorer and investigator of objects, stories, places, materials and memories. She creates objects and installations in textile and mixed media which aim to delve into personal and universal stories and encourage thought and close investigation. Ruth’s work draws heavily on her first career working in museums and she remains fascinated by material culture, history and the power of objects in human lives and the importance of making and remembering.

In this talk, Ruth will discuss current and recent projects including work created while joint Artist In Residence in Leicester University Genetics Department and her current residency at Staffordshire Record Office on Criminal Quilts, a research-led project around women in Victorian prisons.

She will also share her 2017 exhibition Fragments which takes historic quilts as its inspiration and her new exhibition Emotional Repair showing at Gawthorpe Hall in Spring 2018.

Ruth has been working as an artist since 2005. She presented her first solo exhibition Narrative Threads at the National Centre for Craft and Design in 2015 and in 2016 she won the Fine Art Quilt Masters prize.



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