Printer’s Devil

An exhibition to celebrate a writer become printer. 25 years of Dennis Gould



WayzgooseWayzgoose – Letterpress print fair
books, prints, posters, cards

Stalls: Semple Press (Rachel Marsh), Otter Bookbinding, Waldenpress (Spike Gascoigne), Andrew Kinnear, Sarah Dixon, Gloucestershire printmaking cooperative, Herbs for healing, Dennis Gould, Nomad Press, The Print Project, The Mill Pond Press (Otto Gobey), The Nonpareil Press, Evergreen Press, good on paper.

Popup cafe with cakes by Geneveive Frosh and popcorn by Mr Bobbingtons Pop & Shake popcorn

Pop-up woolpack with music:
7pm – Dave Ayre Jazz Trio
9pm – Watson

Double Dagger – talk
talk by Pat Randle & Nick Loaring

Double Dagger looks at the role of letterpress in the digital age as seen through the eyes of some of it’s most ardent practitioners. Double Dagger is a broadsheet / newspaper / journal printed by letterpress on a Heidelberg SBB Cylinder Press using type that has been machine set on a Monotype Composition Caster.

Radio Cinema
‘Global Trumpism – what the hell happened’

Come and listen to some spoken word/podcast/radio. This Radio Cinema event is a follow up from October’s Radio Cinema. We will have Bert Zipperer reporting live form Wisconcin.

Printer’s Devil – Expo Opening

An exhibition to celebarte a writer become printer. 25 years of Dennis Gould letterpress printing.

Lunchtime talk
In conversation with Peter Brown

Author of the unique novel Smallcreep’s Day – Peter tells a story of lathe operator who leaves his bench to discover the end product of his work. Peter also works as a potter, smock maker, wizard, magician – Peter describes himself as being on permanent ‘Strike’. The conversation will be between Peter Currell Brown and Dennis Gould.

Orchestra Pirouette at St Laurence Church
Buy your tickets here

Parisian band formed at Beaux Artes. 8 women and 2 men playing barss isntruments as if in a gypsy band…

Lunchtime talk at Atelier
Herbs for Health

Davina was a fine letterpress printer and now she devotes most of her time to herbs as a grower of plants and creator of ‘Herbs for healing’ at Bansley Village between Cirencester and Bibury.

Lunchtime talk at Atelier
Empire and Resistance – from the First World War to Trident

Editors of Peace News, pacifist paper. Milan Rai and Emily Johns will talk under the titel: Empire and Resistance – from the First World War to Trident. Milan Ray is a writer and anti-war activist. Milan has written several books; ‘Tactical Trident’ and ‘Chomsky’s Politics’. Emily Johns is an anti war artist

link to Peace news

Lunchtime talk at Atelier
Both Sides of the Desk

Tony will talk about his professional life as a publisher then as a full time freelance writer. Tony’s will also talk about his newest book, ‘Crafted in Britain’ (will be published in February). Crafted in Britain is a celebration of Britain’s traditional crafts and industries that have survived into the modern world – where craftsmanship and personal skills are still valued. At the talk Tony will show some of the books beautiful photos by Rob Scott.

Link to ‘Crafted in Britain’

Danish Christmas Craft day

Christmas craft drop-in workshops Gløgg and other delisious Christmas treats.
Book talks and signings:
Meet Angela Dixon author of ‘King of Puddings’ – a botanical journey.
Meet Charlotte Abrahams author of the newly published book ‘Hygge’.

Lunchtime talk at Atelier
Whittington Press

John will talk about Whittington Press and Dennis Gould . John Randle is Whittington Press ,which, since 1971, has been printing books by letterpress, from type in the Gloucestershire village of Whittington. More than 200 titels has now benn published. It also publishes the annual journal Matrix (‘by far the finest priodical of the book arts of the twentieth century’)

Printer’s Devil – The Finale

poetry by Jeff Cloves and Dennis Gould + music and guests

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