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dobbelt_portraitWe have talked about having this kind of space for a very long time. Working with textiles and wool has always been a part of our lives, especially to sew and knit. Marianne’s mum (Kath’s granny) was a seamstress and worked as a dressmaker in the forties and fifties in Copenhagen. She was educated in Vienna her home town.

We have been brought up with an idea that you can always make your own or change what you already have. We also both share an interest in beautiful material preferable natural fibres. When we go travelling, we very often bring yarn and fabric back home. Our vision is to create a space where everybody can experience enjoyment of making, creating.

Craft Club and Workshop Tutors

Jacqui Harding

Jacqui is a knitter, crocheter, sewer (sewist?), spinner and weaver. She has been designing knitting and crochet patterns since 2011 for magazines including the Knitter, Knit Now, Simply Knitting and other publications. She has been teaching since 2012 and her patience, sense of humour and encouragment help to create a positive, fun and exciting learning experience. Jacqui wants everyone she teaches to be inspired and encouraged to make without fear of doing it ‘wrong’. She firmly believes it is better to try something than to be so worried about making a mistake that you don’t start.   She’s also a dab hand with a stitch unpicker! She likes to show you the ‘why’ of advice that is given in patterns (always knit a tension swatch) and lets you in on her pro tips for making your own hand made things look as good as the ones you see in the magazines. 

Patricia Brien

Patricia Brien is a UK-based curator and academic. She is currently researching towards her PhD in the Environmental Humanities and Textiles departments at Bath Spa University. She lectures at Ravensbourne, London and is working in the practice of textile-based art in relating to the human and more-than-human world. For 15 years she has worked as an academic in Fashion at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and more recently as the Academic Manager of Fashion & 3D Design and Interior Design departments at University of South Wales, Cardiff. She has worked in trend forecasting, styling and lifestyle journalism in Paris, Amsterdam, Melbourne and the UK and is widely published in these areas.

Heather Haskins

Heather HaskinHeather has been sewing her own clothes since age 9. She studied textile printing, fashion design, pattern making, and sewing in Canada before becoming sidetracked in Art History. Upon completing her PhD she promptly fell in love & had a son. In 2010 Heather moved to Stroud with her family, and when not tending to their needs runs a home-based business as The Local Seamstress, doing alterations and bespoke clothing, curtains, & soft furnishings. She also enjoys recycling/upcycling clothes and fabric into kids clothes and housewares as The Kids Scrapyard.

 Noemi Greogri- Kay – Nimpy Clothing

Noemi Gregoire


Nimpy Clothing is a selection of handcrafted clothing created by Noemi Gregoire-Kaye. Noemi began in 2005 after finishing art studies, where she developed her techniques. Each of her pieces are individually crafted by hand with great care and is all environmentally and socially ethical as these issues are an integral part of her lifestyle as well as her work.

Jane Toseland

Jane has been designing and making teddy bears since 1996. In these 20 years of bear making, Jane has made over 300 bears selling them mainly by word of mouth with a number flying off to international destinations to make a new life. Whilst Janes designs are mainly along traditional lines using Mohair & Alpaca fur fabrics, they can also have little twists of sleepy eyes & embroidered paws.

Jane has also branched out into other animals including Cats, Kangaroo, Rat, Mole, Proper Bears and a speciality “Companion Dog” using a variety of fabrics.

Since joining Atelier Jane is now enjoying using her designs & talents to develop workshops to share her bear making skills amongst those who would like to learn whether in a one-to-one or in small groups.



Katharina Child

I moved from Copenhagen three years ago with my family (Lars and son Florian). Professionally I’m working with software and GIS. But ever since I was a child I’ve been sewing and knitting. My grandmother was a great inspiration to me and a good help when projects didn’t turn out the way I hoped. When I was younger, I was very focused on the result but lately I’m enjoying the process much more….I hope we have created a space where I can enjoy that process again and again and doing that together with other like minded people.

Marianne van der Tas

I have always been interested in textiles since an early age. I like sewing, batik, knitting and crochet. I was influenced by Indonesian patterns, arts and crafts because of my family background.
18 years ago, I was introduced to wet felting and this has inspired my creative imagination.
My passion is to use felting with natural materials and plant dyed colours.
I am a tutor at Ruskin Mill college, I have been teaching students ‘Fleece to Felt’ for 18 years. This is working with the sheep’s cycle right down to the finished felted article.
I also teach residential workshops at Hawkwood College and abroad. Over the last 15 years, I have taught on the Pyrites summer craft camp, delivering a felting course over a week in the summer.
I am a member of the International Felting Association and Member of the Stroudwater textiles trust.

Rachel Prichard

Rachel handmakes knickers (The Knicker Tree) and sell them in the lovely ‘Made in Stroud’ shop . She is originally from Dorset, but after studying lingerie design in Leicester and after having her daughter Aya, she moved to Stroud in 2009.
She currently works as a maternity care assistant, which she really enjoys, but in her spare time, she makes mountains of pants! Rachel loves mixing prints and patterns together, and uses organic cottons as well as end of line liberty prints in her designs. She is planning one day to start designing and printing my own fabric to use.
Rachel is teaching ‘Make a pair of Knickers” at Atelier. – And we are planning more lingerie related workshops soon.

Tom van Deijnen aka Tomofholland

Tom_webTom van Deijnen is a self-taught knitter from The Netherlands, who now lives in Brighton, UK. Technique, tradition and narrative inform much of his work. Under the moniker tomofholland, he explores these aspects of knitting and shares his enthusiasm with other knitters through exhibitions and workshops. Hand-knitting has also raised his awareness of the meaning behind garments and his relationship with the clothes he wears. This has led to the Visible Mending Programme, through which Tom provides mending and repair inspiration, skills and services.

Website: tomofholland.com, Facebook: facebook.com/tomofholland, Instagram: @tomofholland

Workshops at Atelier: The Darning Masterclass

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